Saturday, February 27, 2010


One of my favorite things about going to school in Claremont is the fact that they have a Farmer's Market that operates throughout the year. Come rain or come shine, those troopers are out there every Sunday morning with their produce and their hand-knitted hats and their used books and whatever else they're selling. I started going for the weird novelty items--there used to be a lady who sold tote purses that she crocheted from cut-up plastic grocery bags--but I keep going for the flowers.

There are two vendors who sell cut flowers, and all of last year I gazed upon those booths with envy because, you see, my roommate last year was allergic to flowers to the point that the only plants we could have in our room were of the plastic variety. Very sad. This year, however, I live by myself and as such have made it a point to buy flowers for my room every week. I think it's a good, happy way to spend a paycheck.

This semester I've decided to keep photographic evidence of the flowers I buy. They're too much of a delight for me to not document them.

Week 1:
Red Gladiolus! They barely fit in
the vase...

Week 2:

Red, pink, and mauve tulips, courtesy
of my parents who visited
that weekend.
Beautifully arranged by my mom. :)

Week 3:

Yellow Renanculae! Simply too sun-shiney to resist!

I wonder what will catch my eye this week...

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  1. Wow, your vase looks a lot less dinky than mine did :P
    I love it. The flowers are such a lovely way to brighten up a room... I really adore the Red Gladiolus.